Do you know what a bidirectional scan tool can be used for? A bidirectional scan tool can interpret the details in the car’s OBD system. An affordable bidirectional scan tool should be able to bond the engine computer of the car decipher error codes and send commands.

This means that the scan tools trigger an appeal from the Engine module which response by giving data back to the scan tool. This is conveyed in the form of communication with the car to salvage to a fault.

This article deals with some of the best bidirectional scan tools which are available in the market. It also includes highlighting the features, connectivity, compatibility, strength, pros, and cons of each scanner.

This would enable the user to make the right decision and make the best choice while buying the best bi-directional scan tool which is suitable for the user.

Some Of The Best And Cheap Bidirectional Scan Tool

1. Launch X431V Pro

LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN Bi-directional diagnostic tool
affordable bidirectional scan tool

The Launch is one of the best bi-directional scanners used in cars and homes with sophisticated workings. This tool helps the user to test the output fundamentals while detecting any malfunctioning or accuracy in the working of the gear or the system.

This quality is helpful for code readers who lack certain qualities. Some of the best bidirectional obd2 scanners are available in countries like America, China, Europe.

This tool is also very useful for the car as it is wireless and acts as a tablet that allows the user to thoroughly check the vehicle for any faults. It can also be used by coupling it with the smartphone, tablet, or computer.

It has certain highly developed and useful features like the EPB, steering angle calibration, PDF, oil reset, and the battery register. One of the identified weaknesses of this product is that it is too heavy for some users as it weighs around 11 pounds.

2. Autel MaxiCom MK908P bidirectional automotive scan tool

This is one of the best automotive bidirectional scan tools for home mechanics. This is designed to keep the vehicle away from faults and helps in comfortable coding, programming, and advanced functions. This wireless scanner helps to control the subcomponents and system of the car.

One of the highlighting features of this is that it can carry out ECU coding and programming within a flash of seconds. It has certain other complex features like SAS, AUTO VIN, Oil reset, Throttle Matching, ABS bleeding, and IMMO. The battery can last easily up to 8 hours.

This scanner is very well suited to the US, Asian, European 80s models which combine with the OBD2. One of the most commonly faced issues is that the ECU coding world only for Benz and BMW.

Launch X431V Pro
affordable bidirectional scan tool

3. LAUNCH CRP429C Affordable automotive scan tool

This comes under the cheapest scanner with the bidirectional tool and also has certain sophisticated features attached to it. It has many complex features like the oil reset, injector reset, SAS, BMS, IMMO, PDF, and EPB.

Using this bidirectional scan tool, the user does not need to spend a lot of time carrying out the diagnosis. It is capable of completing the diagnosis on the systems like ABS, SRS, Transmission, body, chassis, fuel structure, and engine.

This launch tool features a high battery and processing feat and is outfitted with an A5 quad-core processor. It also possesses a very quick and rechargeable battery of 4,000 mAh.

4. LAUNCH X431 V+-

This is one of the best bi-directional scan tools with live data and helps in achieving basic, advanced, and active tests and tasks very easily. One can use this scanner to interpret the code definitions and all the wire diagrams and probable fixes.

This scanner has approximately 11 advanced service functions which can be used to establish if the functioning of the car is faulty.

This is counted among the best bidirectional scanners which can input commands into the ECU and then interpret the data. The diagnosis feature of the scanner helps in discovering all the problems in the components or the subsystems of the car.

It also has certain complex features which include PDF, EPB, throttle alteration, oil reset, ABS bleeding, tire pressure reset, battery matching, IMMO, BMS, SRS, and coding. It is a well-matched and suited scanner for car models in Asia, Europe, and America.


Launch X431V Pro
affordable bidirectional scan tool

This is the best obd2 scanner with abs and srs and is also very affordable. It performs 13 different types of resets including ABS, SRS, EPB, and TPMS. The NT650 scanner tool executes all the fundamental functions of an automotive bidirectional tool.

 It is one of the best tools because of its durability, it has a screen protector and an extra layer of padding to prevent it from wear and tear. It also uses the bidirectional scan tool software and is compatible with 58 different types of car models which work with ABS/SRS. The oil reset is also matched with 50 different cars.

6. LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN Bi-directional diagnostic tool

This scan tool with pats programming capability features high Bluetooth connectivity and has a smooth internet connection via the WIFI and support USB.

It is used in cars with sophisticated features like the Key Fob, ABS, SRS, Reset functions, ECU coding, EPB, SAS, PDF, Gear learning, Immobilizer matching, and many others.

It has two inbuilt cameras out of which the front is a 2mp camera while the back is 5.5 MP. The tool also has a headphone port of 3.5mm. It cannot sustain in all cars which is one of the shortcomings of this tool.


Using a bidirectional scan tool has become very common and the above-mentioned are some of the available scanning tools for cars. Many other tools are available in the market at affordable prices.

As a lot of people ask “what is the best scan tool?”, this article is aimed at providing a useful answer to the question.



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